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Hello and welcome to the new year at Spoonful of Art! The holidays are over, the kids are back at school. This means that work can be done, once again. Happiness! And as your portal to art in the Netherlands, the first thing I have done is update the art calendars on this site.

So whether you are here for info on exhibitions in Amsterdam or other cities in the Netherlands: you have come to the right place.

But there is more to Spoonful of Art. Not only will I tell you what you can visit in terms of museums and exhibitions.

If you are a returning visitor, you probably know that I write pieces about art for you to enjoy and to hopefully learn from. Always in an easy to digest way.

In the past year, though, I have not primarily focused on my English readers. Sorry for that, people! I promise I will do better the upcoming year.

I will be spending more time talking about Dutch artists and the work they are making. For visitors to the Netherlands, but also for internationals that live here. To give you a better view of the art world in Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular. Because there are a lot of great things going on, and we have some pretty amazing talents walking around the streets of NL.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures I took at This Art Fair, last December at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Two talents that especially caught my eye:

Photographer Roos Quakernaat (1989) and painter Sjaak Kooij (1982).

These talents are on my list of articles to write. So check in later to read more about these Dutch artists, soon!

Do you have any resolutions for 2017, concerning art? Feel free to share.

Work by Dutch artist Sjaak Kooij. This Art Fair, 2016. Picture by Spoonful of Art.
Work by Roos Quakernaat. This Art Fair, 2016. Picture by Spoonful of Art.


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