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Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts

Last month, I met Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts. This Dutch painter has an extraordinary family heritage, which she passionately told me about. With the contemporary way in which she paints flowers, she successfully passes on the traditions of the women in her family. Yet she has managed to create her own style and signature.


Fleurien Dingemans comes from a family of painters, of which the women artists play a special part. Her great-grandmothers were Geraldine Jacoba van der Sande Bakhuyzen (1826–1895) on the one side and Henriette Gesina Dingemans-Numans (1877 –1955) on the other. Both artists are known for their still lives in which flowers played a significant role.

Fleurien DIngemans at Coffee Concepts
Geraldina Jacoba van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Still Life with flowers in a vase, 1850-1880.

Coming from a line of successful painters, it is not easy to find your own way, creatively speaking. This is something Fleurien Dingemans experienced, too. But she succeeded in creating her personal style, whilst continuing the path her ancestors chose.


Dingemans paints floral still lives in a non-traditional way. Paint, graffiti, ink, gouache and pastels are used separately or combined to create large canvases of floral still lives. Sometimes she handles a brush in a delicate fashion, other times she works in a looser and more spontaneous way. To quote the words of the artist:

It’s my dance, my journey. I allow the traditions of the past to resonate through my contemporary style. It’s my structure of beauty.

Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts
Fleurien Dingemans, Structure of beauty, NYC happiness, 2013. Pastel, inkt, gouache and gold paint on canvas, 120 x 150 cm.

Creative spaces in Amsterdam

The last year, Dingemans was on a creative high. She made a staggering amount of works, and also managed to exhibit and sell them. Having had a successful career as an art buyer and adviser in the past, she is familiar with creative entrepeneurship. It is therefor not surprising that she chooses non-traditional art venues such as the Asian-Dutch restaurant Adam & Siam in Amsterdam to showcase her work. Who said people can have only one profession in their lives?

Coffee Concepts

Today, you can find her work at yet another creative space. Coffee Concepts is a coffee bar and PR/Communication agency in Amsterdam Old South. They are showcasing her flower canvases until the end of June. The works are for sale, so go and get (to see) them while you can.

Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts
Fleurien Dingemans, Structure of beauty, 2016 series. Varied techniques and materials on canvas, 150 x 120 cm.
Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts
One of my favourites. I really like the combination of flowers & graffiti. Fleurien Dingemans, Structure of Beauty, 2012.
Ink, aquarelle, graffiti, silver paint on canvas, 120 x 150.
Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts
One of the works of Fleurien Dingemans at Coffee Concepts. Photo: Julia de Boer

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