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ARTZUID 2017 in the Art Deco district of Amsterdam

You can already see it happening. Artworks are getting placed at the Apollolaan, Minervalaan, and surroundings. The biennial sculpture route ARTZUID 2017 in the Art Deco district of Amsterdam is getting ready for take-off. 

ARTZUID is a sculptural feast. The event takes place every two years in Amsterdam Zuid. It shows you an incredible collection of artworks. Especially this year, since it is the fifth time. So that calls for a special edition.

The event has a Dutch theme this year, as it follows the 2017 theme year many Dutch art institutions have. It is called Mondrian to Dutch Design – 100 Years of De Stijl. 

De Stijl and sculpture

De Stijl was an art movement started in 1917, exactly 100 years ago. Well, to be honest, is wasn’t a movement as we know it, but it became known as such. It became highly influential to other artists and has been ever since. To prove this point, ex-direct of the Stedelijk Museum Rudi Fuchs has selected 60 artworks that demonstrate the legacy of De Stijl.

Fuchs argues that abstraction is ‘the true new revelation of modern art – particularly of the rectangular variety. This breakthrough paved the way for a new clarity as well as agility of design.”

Stijl-members like Mondrian, Van Doesburg and Rietveld were key figures to this innovation. ARTZUID shows us how we can see this in post-war sculptural art.

Two parts

Fuchs has divided ARTZUID into two parts. In the Art Deco district of Amsterdam Oud Zuid, 50 monumental works of Dutch artists are being displayed. Among the artists are stars like Jeroen Henneman, Atelier van Lieshout, but also new talents like Saskia Noor van Imhoff and David Jablonowski. These are all people from different generations, who interpret abstract art in their own ways.

ARTZUID 2017 komt eraan
David Jablonowski – Public Hybrid. Impressiebeeld van ARTZUID 2017.

In the business district of Zuidas, there is room for the works of 10 international sculptures. Artists like Arne Quinze and Christóbal Gabarrón are on show, there.

Larger area

ARTZUID 2017 comprises a larger area than the years before. Adding up all the stretches, it is now more than 5 kilometers long. So you are able to combine a nice exercise with some great art watching. Win-win!

ARTZUID 2017 komt eraan
Atelier van Lieshout, Milkman.

The event starts 19 May and can be visited for free until 17 September. Your starting point should be the pavilion on the Minervalaan, where you can get the route map and a catalog.

You can also go there to see what ARTZUID has in store for you in terms of artist talks, guided tours, and a special art education program for kids. They even host an Art Camp, for kids between 5 and 12 years old.

ARTZUID 2017, 19 May to 17 September 2017, Amsterdam Oud Zuid & Amsterdam Zuidas. 
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ARTZUID 2017 in the Art Deco district of Amsterdam
Jeroen Henneman, X. Impressiebeeld van ARTZUID 2017.

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