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Art in TV – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is back. The bad-ass, bad-tempered superhero has a second season out on Netflix. At least, here in the Netherlands. I wrote a post on a famous masterpiece that features in the series (and the books, too, for that matter). But what I didn’t talk about is the beautiful title sequence of the series. 

Title sequences are, in my opinion, an art form of their own. They set the tone for the audience of all the goodies to come. And they have a huge impact on the viewers, too. Remember the feeling of seeing the Game of Thrones-intro? Accompanied by the stunning score?

This is also the case for Jessica Jones. The creators have made a title sequence that truly pays homage to the genre of comics. Watercolor designs have been chosen as a language, pulling you into the comic-vibe.


As in most cases, it is a combination of highly skilled people that work together to achieve something outstanding. One of the animators responsible is Eric Demeusy. This talented director and animator also worked on the fabulous Emmy winning title sequence of Game of Thrones. Also one of my favorites, by the way. On his website, you can see more examples of his great work.

Art in TV - Jessica Jones
An image from the Jessica Jones title sequence, by (among others) Eric Demuesy. De sequence got nominated for an Emmy, in the category Outstanding Main Title Design.

Another great talent who has worked on the sequence is Arisu Kashiwagi. Japan-born but LA raised Arisu has been lauded for her work on Stranger Things, and she features in Art of the Title as one of the Ten Women of Title Design of 2017. Pretty cool.

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