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The Panoramic Photography of Peter Li

Scouting the internet in search of beauty, I stumbled upon the panoramic photography of Peter Li. In a recent series, he combines a couple of things I love: architecture, churches, and photography. Time to share this artist with you. 


Entering the website of Peter Li, it becomes evident quite quickly that this award-winning photographer is based in London. I landed on a wonderful full-frame shot of the hallway of the Natural History Museum, which I coincidentally visited around Christmas. The impressive skeleton of the large blue whale hangs in perfect symmetry in the beautiful hallway of the museum. A couple of slides later, a shot of the Tower Bridge can be spotted. Architecture and cityscape photography are the categories of choice here.

Panoramic photography

Beautiful as the slides are, they are not the reason why I came to Peter Li’s site. Another series of works caught my eye. It revolves around some great churches, most of them in the UK. Li has photographed the architectural structure of the buildings, like the ceilings and the columns underneath it. And then the magic begins.

The panoramic photography of Peter Li
Peter Li, Cocoon, 2018

In postproduction the photographer stretches the interior, creating a unique viewpoint of that particular church. You have to look twice to get to grips with what it is exactly you are looking at. The photographs have some sort of sci-fi effect, because of the surreality of the image. It has got everything to do with capturing multiple dimensions into one frame. It creates a spectacle that could never be viewed at once by the human eye. The photos make you want to move your head up and backward, following the lines in the picture frame to figure it out. Once you try to ignore that feeling and look at the photos purely from a 2D-perspective, titles like Cocoon and Confetti seem oddly appropriate.

The panoramic photography of Peter Li
Peter Li, Confetti, 2018.

And don’t forget the important element of light. All the photos in this series breath a different atmosphere, depending on the time of day or the season the picture was taken.


Peter Li’s work of the blue whale came in first in the Architecture Category at the Epson International Pano Awards 2018. He is said to be working on making his photos available to the public by producing large prints. Keep track of the artist on his website or on Instagram.


The panoramic photography of Peter Li
Peter Li, Jack Frost – Yorkminster in late Autumn, 2018.




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  1. amazing pictures. quite good one. thanks for sharing it.

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