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Contemporary fashion meets costumes from the past

If you like fashion and you are in Amsterdam somewhere before the 8th of September, you are in for a treat. Amsterdam Museum is hosting an exhibition where contemporary fashion meets costumes from the past. Visit one of the city’s loveliest museums and see Fashion Statements.

Amsterdam Museum has quite a large costume collection, which isn’t on show on a regular basis. The items are very delicate. For Fashion Statements, the museum gladly makes an exception.

To create a dialogue between the past and present, the museum turned to guest conservator Marian Duff. She put together a team of fashion designers and asked them to reflect on the costumes of Amsterdam Museum by ways of making some specially designed items themselves. Together with the expertise of conservator Judith van Amelsvoort, who knows a thing or two about costumes.

French robes. With me in a slightly more comfortable dress in the frame, too.

The result is Fashion Statements, a show with many extremes exposed side by side. Watch a super tight corset next to a belly-enhancing pregnancy suit by Ninamoulah. See the blackest-black fashion of design duo Art Comes First against a background of angelic white dresses. Look the other way and feel the contrast with the colorful designs of Bas Kosters. Or gaze at the stunning big dresses of Marga Weimans.

The work of Art Comes First and Bas Kosters caught in one photo. Such a great play of colors.

The costumes on show are most delicate. Which makes it all the more special that the items aren’t showcased behind glass. Well done, Amsterdam Museum.

Amsterdam Museum, Fashion Statements. 18 April – 8 September 2019.

A special design of Karim Adduchi.
Contemporary fashion meets costumes of the past
Talk about making an entrance… Design by Marga Weimans.

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