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Art & Culture Talks

On specific moments throughout the year, I host talks about a certain artist, artwork, period, subject… It could be anything, as long as it is related to art or Dutch culture. This is the current offer:


The Life of Christ, told through works of art

A talk about Jesus Christ, since there are a couple of Very Important Events coming up. Like Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. I will tell you all about these events in a series of artworks, that show you what it is exactly that we are commemorating on these holidays.

The Life of Christ, Told Through Works of Art
Dates: on request
Costs: on request
More information:

Art & Culture Talks
Rembrandt, Het hoofd van Christus, ca. 1648.

Dutch Discoveries – Series of three talks about Dutch history, society and culture for internationals in the Netherlands

Did you ever wonder why the Dutch wear orange at football games, or why they are so good at building dikes?

Do you think Dutch cuisine doesn’t exist?

Look no further. As a true Dutchie, I offer you inside knowledge on the Dutch and their sometimes rather strange ways. I have developed three entertaining talks on the history, society, and culture of the country you are now calling home.

I am currently hosting these talks for clients such as

Dutch History

Did you know the earliest inhabitants built their houses on man-made hills to protect their lands from flooding? And that the Dutch have their own variety of the pyramids? Have you ever heard of our founding father William of Orange?
In this Dutch History talk, I will answer all these questions and tell you much more. You will leave filled with new knowledge about the country you live in. You might even be able to call a Dutchie out on his Dutch history skills!

Dutch Society

Do you know anything about the Dutch royal family? Have you heard about our prime minister and how the Dutch political system works? Who are the main Dutch people that run the country? What is the influence of religion?
The Society talk will answer questions like these. And at the end of this session, you will know about the way Dutch society is shaped, its key figures and also learn about Dutch customs, habits, and important industries.

Dutch Culture

Do the Dutch have any other hobbies than football? Have you ever heard of our most famous singer Andre Hazes? Or did you know the Dutch already had boerenkool on the menu long before kale became a popular superfood?
The Culture talk aims to answer all of your questions about the sometimes funny ways the Dutch like to spend their times.

Art & Culture Talks
One of the Dutch Discoveries’ talks at Museum of the Canals.

Interested in one of these Dutch Discoveries-talks? Please e-mail me at to discuss the possibilities.








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